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Character Trails Curriculum (Character Concepts Curriculum -Level 2)

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Character Trails Curriculum is designed to teach your children (approx. ages 6-9) character in 36 fun lessons.

Inside the main textbook, Character Trails, are stories, application questions, and practical application projects designed to help you teach your children what character is and how to practically apply it to their everyday life in a fun, captivating way in only minutes each day! Each of the 12 character qualities in Character Trails are presented with a Bible story, a story from everyday life (following the "Boyer cousins" as they learn to make wise decisions), and also with an inspiring story from American history! Qualities covered are Attentiveness, Availability, Boldness, Compassion, Courage, Decisiveness, Endurance, Flexibility, Generosity, Joyfulness, Orderliness and Thoroughness. A beautiful, high-quality hardback with 168 pages.

Character Trails Flashcards are a tool to help you teach your children the simple, kid-friendly definitions for each quality and a corresponding Scripture verse to hide in their hearts! Set of 12 full color laminated flashcards.

As a part of the curriculum, you can download Bible coloring pages (for all your children) to occupy little hands as you read the Bible story to them!

Uncle Rick`s Character Trails Stories is a new addition to our curriculum. Uncle Rick reads, from Scripture, the passage that is told in story form in Character Trails book, giving his character building comments while he reads. Let Uncle Rick help your child learn to internalize the truths he is studying! Just pop them in at school time, naptime, playtime or travel time and let Uncle Rick do the teaching for you! (3-hour CD set)