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Behind the Iron Curtain: The Ivan Series

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The author of this series of books is recognized for her deep knowledge of the suffering church under communistic rule. The plight of Christians behind what was then called the Iron Curtain was a great concern to Myrna Grant, and she wrote many novels describing the daily lives of these suffering saints. The Ivan series was designed to give children a glimpse of what it meant to be a believer under such terrifying conditions where secrecy, fear of discovery, interrogations, and the injustice of a communist/atheistic society were a part of everyday living.

Twelve-year-old Ivan lives behind the Iron Curtain in Communist-controlled Moscow. He and his family are Christians-a dangerous faith to hold in a country which glorifies blind loyalty to the state and often relegates pastors and political dissenters to work camps or insane asylums.

The Ivan Series includes the following titles:

• Ivan and the Moscow Circus

• Ivan and the Daring Escape

• Ivan and the Informer

• Ivan and the Hidden Bible

• Ivan and the Secret in the Suitcase