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Trail Guide to World Geography: A Teacher's Manual

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If you’d like a geography course that includes mapping activities, atlas usage, research, notebooking and culture with very little teacher preparation, look no further. The Trail Guide to World Geography is a “week one, day one” kind of teacher’s manual with daily geography drills (answers included) and numerous weekly assignment choices.It is a multi-level geography course for 36 week school year. It lays a solid foundation of world geography for students 2nd grade and up. Assign as much or as little as YOU decide. Daily drills are offered at 3 different levels for versatility and multi-year usage. With this easy-to-use course students will learn to recognize important characteristics and traits of each continent, read and create maps, identify key geographical terms and more. All you need to get started is this book, an atlas, and outline maps. No student workbook is needed because students will develop their own personal notebooks full of colorful maps, intriguing facts, and surprisingly pertinent information. Paperback, 128 pages.

Uses Geography Through Art for added culture through hands-on art from throughout the world.

Spice up your geography by cooking a meal from the country you are studying right out of Eat Your Way Around the World, our fun and educational world cookbook.

Finish up the year by reading Around the World in 80 Days, by Jules Verne, using the geography through literature unit included.

To make the best use of this text your students need a grade appropriate atlas and outline maps. The 3 levels of questions recommend using the following:

2-4th grade: Beginner World Atlas or Jr. Classroom Atlas
5-7th grade: Intermediate Atlas or Classroom Atlas
8th- high school: Answer Atlas or Atlas of World Geography